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New Lace On Sporting cheek pad LO-3000 in Black on a Henry Big Boy Tactical. This model gives the most

height in adjustment in our line. Available in Walnut Brown and Black. Two sizes for rimfires up to large 

stocks including ones with a cheek piece already integrated on the stock.


Accu-Riser 6000 adding needed additional height for young left handed shooter


CR-6000 comb raiser on a muzzleloader with high pad installed



Notice where the bolt on this Remington 700 above comes to in relation to the height of the 

Base and rubber pad . The rubber top pad is removed from the base to enable the bolt to be removed for cleaning. So 

there is no need to remove the base from the stock



Some one got creative and reshaped our CR-6000 cheek pad to conform with the custom

stock on this H&R shotgun turkey gun. We aprove! 





CR-6000 cheek pad on a TC Contender with strap and walnut Veneers installed.




CR-6000 cheek pad on a Marlin 1895 45/70, also fits Winchester , Browning and Henry


Accu-Riser PTC-1000 on a scoped Henry Big Boy lever gun.

Henry rifles have a lot of drop in the stock and need a comb raiser when scoped.







PTC-1000 butt pad installed on a Sharps Black Powder Cartridge rifle



PTC-1000 adjustable cheek pad on a Springfield M-14 with scope



PTC-1000 adjustable cheek pad on a Henry Golden Boy .22 magnum. This is a special

custom sized base for the rimfire Henry rifles. Please let us know

if you need this for the Henry rimfire size.



Accu-Riser Leather Butt Pads are made as an early 1900 period example for a period

correct look but actually perform better than newer leather versions. 




CR-6000 cheek pad on a Savage Axis rifle , low pad, perfect fit





CR-6000 ambidextrous cheek pad on a Browning X-bolt rifle




CR-6000 cheek pad on a H&R Huntsman 45/70





CR-6000 cheek pad on Ruger American rifle. Perfect fit


CR-6000 cheek pad on Rossi 22LR  perfect fit.



Tikka T3X


Mosberg Cascade Rifle showing proper location of CR-6000 base. So bolt can be lifted and

removed for cleaning the barrel. 


  Tikka, Mosberg Cascade and CVA Rifles

CR-6000 cheek pad on a Tikka  T1X and T3X bolt action rifle , Mosberg Cascade and the CVA  : note that the Tikka , CVA and Mosberg bolt is very close to the top of the comb so you may need to mount the cr-6000 farther back on the comb in order to remove the bolt as pictured above. 




CR-6000 cheek pad on a Browning A-bolt, perfect fit




CR-6000 cheek pad permantly attached with screws on a pair of shotguns, Savage bolt and Rem mossberg 500 pump. 


CR-6000 cheek pad on Ruger 10/22  .22LR


CR-6000 adjustable cheek pad on an old military rifle with added walnut veneers. 




CR-6000 Ambidextrous cheek rest on TC Encore



Accu-riser BP-100 Leather Butt Pad on a "too short" little stalking rifle



Accu-Riser PTC-1000 lace on cheek pad on a 10 gauge shotgun. Yes he really

needed that height and he won the 10 gauge sporting clays event that day.





This picture shows how the Accu-Riser CR-6000 Comb raiser can be modified for use on a

monte carlo style stock which has a cheek pad incorporated in the stock by trimming

the bottom edges of the base with a pair of tin snips just to the top edge of the two slots

where the velcro strap would be. The cut edge can be further shaped and smoothed using

a block and 400 grit sand paper. in this case the base would have to be screwed to the rifles

stock with the supplied two screws. With this modification the cheek pad can then be mounted 

straight for a neutral cast on on off.


We would appreciate you sending us a picture of your rifle with one of our products on it and

we will post it on our site.