CR-6000 instructions


CR-6000 kit comes with nylon molded base, two

rubber molded pads, 1" nylon velcro cinch strap,

two #8 screws and 4" piece of 3M double sided tape




Determine the location where you want the cheek pad

and if it fits the stock properly. the base can easily be 

made to fit most stocks by trimming the underside lip.



If mounting with the screws, use a 5/64" drill bit and 

use the holes in the base as pilot holes. do not over

tighten the screws. Install the proper height rubber pad



If mounting Base with Velcro Cinch strap, weave strap through slots in

base as shown above with plastic ring on opposite side of cheek.

Velcro Loop should be up toward bottom of stock.


Pull strap through so the weld on the plastic ring is against the base as

pictured above. cut 1" of the supplied 3M double sided tape and attach

to the top of the comb where the base will cover it. We suggest only using

1" of the tape as this tape is extremely strong other wise it may be harder

to remove the base if so desired down the road. insert stock through the

loop of velcro strap, align to predetermined location and press base down

tight to the comb while pulling the velcro strap thru the base slots.

Pull at a straight direction.

"Do not pull strap at an angle or the welds may tear."


At this point the velcro strap should have the loop side facing up when

wrapped under the stock overlapping the strap again. insert strap through

the plastic ring pull tight and wrap strap back over itself under the stock.


Pull strap tight over lapping the first wrap to engage the velcro loop and

hook. Trim off any extra strap at the base edge.


Velcro cinch strap plastic ring should be located as pictured above.