BP-2000 Leather Butt Pad

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This leather Butt Pad was coppied from an old original pad found in a shooting magazine dated from the early 1900's. It fits the look of the early classic shotguns and rifles of the turn of the century with a brass buckle and strap to cinch it tight better than the velcro pads on the market. The pad has a 1/8" neoprene pad cemented to the inside butt. Then it includes another 5/8" medium firm neoprene insert that can be taken out if only the 1/8" pad is desired. These are used by many without the insert pad to just cover a hard steel or plastic butt that is too slippery or to cover a butt that has no butt pad and the owner just wants to protect the butt of the stock from moisture or damage but not add any length.  The butt pad comes in 4 sizes, small to extra large. To determine the size , measure the butt of your guns stock from top of heel to bottom of the toe, then use the following measurements to determine which size you need.  Small= 4 1/2" 4 3/4" ,  Medium 4 3/4" - 5", Large 5"- 5 1/4", XL= over 5 1/4".