VL-7000 Leather Cheek Riser

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This our latest product. I have been thinking of how i could make a universal cheek riser that would fit as many different applications and yet offer the widest range of height adjustment without screws or straps or laces.  Up until now our Lace on LO-3000 model has addressed this but i wanted something cleaner and easier to mount to the rifle stock. This model takes the leather cheek pad from the lace-on version which has velcro hook on the underside. With a piece of supplied velcro loop material on an adhesive backing applied to the comb of the stock, the cheek pad can be attached and manipulated up, down and side to side to give an exact fit for the users face and it is rock solid with up to 1 1/2" height which is plent adjustment for most stocks. If you still need a higher pad please call us. The starting or lowest height with this model starts at around 1/2"above the stocks comb. This pad will fit most rifle and shot gun stocks, even the wide comb tactical stocks with the exception of some thumb hole stocks depending on their design. We have another version VLMC-800 for Monte Carlo style stocks as found on Remington 700 ADL and Weatherby rifle stocks. These are a little shorter to fit the cheek pad on the stocks but work the same. Due to the agressive nature of the adhesive on the velcro loop we do not reccomend this for wood stocks with older oil or old varnish finishes as it may lift the finish if and when it is removed However there should not be any problem on newer rifle stocks with modern poly finishes or laquer. We recomend you use one of our other models on wooden stocks such as the LO-3000 lace on cheek riser on older finish gunstocks. The pad is made useing 5 ounce latigo leather and velcro hook material with a propriatory heat activated material sandwhiched in between. This is then heated and molded to conform with the comb. We recomend that you clean the comb of the stock with a degreaser or Isopropyl Alcohol to remove oils and dirt from the stock before applying the velcro loop base. Look at our home page for pictures of this model on different rifles to see how it looks.