CP-5000S Neoprene Cheek Pad

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This neoprene Cheek Pad was originally designed for shotgun shooters looking to add a little height to their classic double guns comb to properly align their point of aim. However we have found that this pad also helps shooters with other needs such as cushioning the recoil to the face helping with flinching or sore cheeks after a few rounds of clays. It is being used by youth shotgun teams across the US to help fit their guns to young shooters with smaller features. It is also used by law enforcment for their qualifying with shotguns to help with flinching under high recoiling loads and to align the high tactical sights to their eyes. This universal fitting pad incorporates a 3" elastic strap that stretches under the stock and attaches to the opposite side with velcro. The raw sticky neoprene on the bottom keeps the pad in place under recoil. The pad is 1/4" thick soft neoprene with a top surface of velcro loop material for a soft feel to the face. Pad comes in two colors of trim. Brown or Black. Please choose variation , Brown trim for wood stocks, Black trim for black synthetic stocks. We recomend not storing your gun with the pad on it for long periods of time due to the elastic strap will lose its elasticity. Keep the bottom of the pad clean with mild soap and water occasionally to keep pad from slipping on stock.