PTC-1000 Precision Target Cheek Riser

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This cheek pad was designed with the black powder long range shooters to incorporate all the needed features they need. The universal fitting BASE is comprised of a vinyl backing with velcro loop on top with leather lace facing and 1" adjustable velcro rear strap aroung the butt of the stock. A nylon lace holds it securley to the butt stock. The TOP PAD consists of an outer latigo leather surface  and a velcro hook under layer with a propriatary inner layer of a heat activated resin material. This is then heated to 260 degrees and molded to form the pad which is hardened when cooled. This pad can be moved up and down on the base as needed for height or for cast on or cast off as needed to perfectly align your eye with the sights or scope. A notched gauge on either side of the base allows repeatability of position for top pad to coinside with the height of the rear sight or scope when changing distance of targets. This pad has also been found to work well on Military and lever action rifles such as Henry lever rifles when scopes are mounted. The small rimfire Henry's need a special smaller base and shorter back strap. Please specify if you are needing this for small rimfire rifles such as Henry lever guns when checking out.