CR-6000 Ambidextrous Cheek Riser/Rest

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Our Ambedextrous Cheek Pad/ Rest was designed to fit most clasic straight comb stocks such as Remington 700/870 without an existing cheek weld incorporated in the stock. The base is molded out of a tough nylon plastic and is very thin on the sides to not add any cast on. It is also low enough on the top that allows bolt action rifles bolts to be removed for cleaning without having to remove the entire cheek pad each time. Just remove the top rubber pad.  The kit comes with a 1" velcro cinch strap that is woven through the slots in the base and under the stock. There is also included a 4" piece of double sided 3M tape. This tape is to be positioned on the top comb of the stock before the cheek pad base is installed. it only needs around an inch to do the job of holding the base from sliding forward on the stock. Using the whole 4" of tape will make it very hard to remove the base if wanting to take it off at a later time. The tape adhesive will not harm any factory wood finish. Do not use the double sided tape to permanently mount the base to the stock as it will not hold under recoil.  The kit also includes two wood screws that can be used to hold the base to the stock for a permanant way so the nylon strap and tape can be elliminated for a clean factory look. The base is pre drilled and the screw heads are covered by the rubber pads.  The kit includes two rubber pads that snap onto the base and can be removed without any tools. The pads allow for an additional  total height of 5/8" (low pad) and 1 1/8" (high pad) including the base. The pads are 5" long. Please refer to CR-6000 instructions at top of page for more information on fitting and installation. Some minor timming of the base may be necessary to get the best fit to your rifles stock. See mounting instructions for the CR-6000 listed on the top and bottom of the home page. Vinyl camo and walnut wood vineers are available to further customize the cheek pad to match your guns stock. Sold separately.