VLMC-800 Monte Carlo Cheek Riser

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This cheek riser is our new version for stocks that have a Monte Carlo cheek piece such as Remington 700 ADL and Weatherby rifles. We have taken the Leather top Pad from our Lace on cheek Risers and shaped it to fit the contours of the cheek piece. This comes with a precut velcro loop base that is attached to the comb of the stock as pictured. The leather cheek pad then attaches to the stock and can be adjusted up and down as needed to give the exact line of sight with the scope. These are made with the long action bolt rifles in mind so ther is room for the bolt to cycle. The pad simply needs to be removed if the bolt is to be removed for cleaning. The velcro loop stays on the stock. The pad is available in two heights. A standard height pad is adjustable from 3/4" to 1 1/4" which is plenty for most needs. If a higher pad is needed order the high version for 1"  to 2" height . The adhesive on the velcro is very agressive and may pull the finish off older oil finished stocks if later removed however there should not be any problem with more modern wood stocks with newer oil ,Polyester or laquer finishes.  We suggest you use our model LO-3000 lace on cheek riser on older wooden stocks which uses the same leather cheek pad on a lace on base. Our leather is a 6 ounce latigo tannage that has a propriatory heat activated material sandwhiched between the leather and velcro hook material. This is then heated and molded to fit the contour of the comb. The Leather pad is available in black or a walnut brown.