LO-3000 Lace on Comb Riser

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We have added this lace on comb riser to fill the gap on fitment problems for rifle stocks that either have monte carlo style combs or combs that are too wide for the molded CR-6000 and CR-4000 model to fit. This version is a special version of our Precision Lace On Comb Riser, ment for use on sporting rifles and shotguns. The base fits most standard sporting arms stocks even with a cheek piece but not thumb hole stocks. The base consists of velcro Loop material adhered to a vinyl. You do not want to have any material such as leather, nylon spandex or canvas on a wood stock. Any material that will absorb moisture will damage a wood stocks finish. A Leather facing is sewn to the  bottom edges where a nylon braided lace secures the base to the stock. A 3/4" leather strap is sewn into the rear of base and is  to adjust the forward position on the stock. In some cases where a rear swivel is mounted far enough forward the nylon lace can catch the swivel post and secure the base from moving forward and so the leather strap can be eliminated. The  top pad is shaped like a Monte Carlo cheek piece and is adjustable from 3/4" to 2"+ additional height and also adjustable for cast on or cast off if needed. The Pad is made of an outer leather layer combined to a velcro Hook material and a proprietory inner layer of material which is then heated and molded into shape. This results in a very hard top pad that can be attached to the base and adjusted for the perfect height and cast for correct alignment to the center of any scope. This system is the most adjustable Comb Riser on the market and fits more rifle stocks than any others. We offer two colors of leather, walnut brown and black. The base is available in two sizes. The regular size fits standard centerfire rifle stocks and stocks with a cheek piece. A small base is available for the more petite rimfire stocks such as Henry rimfire leaver guns and most rimfire rifles stocks. See diagram to determine if you need the small base or not. Stocks with a cheek piece will take the regular size. If you have any queastions or need additional height please call. 717-249-5977 8:00 to 5:00 EST. Monday thru Friday